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TV Spot – der gepflegte mann


Penetrate the domain of the online shop

Questions that arise

How do we stand out from the competition? How do we achieve a recognition value between shop and TV spot? How do we get the attention we need?


We use the most important product categories of the shop as a guideline that defines the images of the TV spot. At the same time, we abandon classic product advertising and instead let role models “speak” by placing real, cool, individual, but above all self-confident types at the centre of our spot.


dergepfletemann.de is neither DM nor Douglas and shows a clear edge as a pure men’s shop. The shop is not playful and our spot isn’t either. We confess to hard contrasts.

We know that the commercial break is used for going to the toilet, the 2nd screen or refilling chips. This makes a LOUD TV spot even more important – not only on a sound level, but also on a picture level. A high contrast of typo and image ensures that the TV still cries out for attention from the corner of the eye.

Cameraman Arri Alexa behind the scenes
Model Danyal Demir
Our make-up artist at work
Director's briefing with cameraman and assistant director
Closeup Eyes
Cameraman with Arri Alexa at work
Model looks into the camera
Protagonist makes hair float
The film set is illuminated
Darsteller für Rasur
The film crew in action
Shaved male chest
Electritian with flag and C-stand
Shooting in progress

Many thanks to Mark Volz for the great Making-Of pictures for our TV commercial!


Whether it’s a TV spot or YouTube advertising – we create the fitting video for your company: Creative and precisely tailored to your brand and target group.


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