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FAVINI in Wonderland


Capture the attention of the fashion and lifestyle industry by teasing Favini’s mesmerizing new reflective paper, without getting bogged down in technical details.

Pressing questions

How can we showcase paper in a way that captivates fashion and lifestyle professionals awestruck? How can we effectively convey the paper’s unique selling point – its reflective properties?


Collaborating with the design agency Ansichtssache, we embark on a creative journey inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. Crafted paper characters will come to life, showcasing the limitless possibilities of our paper in packaging. We aim to enchant viewers, drawing them into our magical world and ultimately driving them to visit the product’s landing page.


We not only show the reflective properties of Favini’s paper, but also use digital effects to further accentuate the theme of reflection, generating mesmerizing kaleidoscopic images. Through the clever use of lighting and anamorphic lenses, along with the addition of mood-setting music, we ensure that the film radiates a captivating charm. By seamlessly blending the real and digital reflections, we create a mesmerizing visual experience that leaves a lasting impact on viewers.

Favini deer reflection - advertising video shoot
Favini Commercial Bunny
Favini Commercial Model Alisa
Favini Commercial Close-Up Alisa
Favini Commercial cardboard figures Mirage
Favini Video Closeup Deer
Favini Werbespot Spiegelung
Favini Commercial mirror in forest
Favini Commercial Deer with Glow
Favini commercial video advertising mirror scene
Favini Videowerbung Detail
Favini video advertising Alisa Winkler with deer


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