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A place we love to come back to


Convey the Marbach spirit in a captivating brand video.

Questions that arise

What makes Schloss Marbach stand out from other top-class conference hotels? Why do people prefer the Schlosshotel at Lake Constance over a luxurious hotel in the city?


For viewers to truly feel the Marbach spirit, we need to show how intense focus work goes hand in hand with relaxation and seclusion. We’ll accomplish this by contrasting fast-paced, hectic city shots with the peaceful tranquility of Marbach in our video. The experiences and atmosphere of the location will take center stage in our protagonist’s journey, as he searches for the one place he wants to come back to.


To make peace truly tangible we use fast-cut images to convey the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The movie thrives from contrasts, the changes of pace in the editing as well as from the music composed specifically for the video. “Nourish all your senses” is one theme that Marbach has set for itself and that certainly applies to the brand video as well: Not only do we show one-of-a-kind experiences, but also let our fire crackle intensively and let the sunset shine in especially atmospheric colors.

At Schloss Marbach’s level of excellence, it’s a given that guest rooms are well-appointed and staff is friendly. But creating a brand is about more than just listing obvious features. It takes a truly immersive brand video to bring the Marbach spirit to life and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Nourish all your senses

F&B, Food & Beverage or simply food – no matter how it’s called: It needs to be presented in the right light. It must look fresh and crisp, and not only for gastronomy videos, a high-quality presentation is incredibly important.

Sun, Moon, and Lights

Time is money: When the crew and extras are waiting for their turn, you can’t solely rely on good weather – That’s why we help set the mood by using the appropriate lighting equimpent to create the perfect ambiance.

And Action

From the make-up to the right lighting of the bar, we provide everything to shoot the perfect pictures.

Brand videos and advertising for Hotels

How does a brand video help you stand out from the competition? How can you promote your hotel in a unique way?


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