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We analyze, challenge, and combine – we want to understand the core of your challenges. Based on the findings, we develop a concept that is tailored to your individual needs and serves as a well-grounded foundation for a custom-made video.

The video format doesn’t matter at first – the important thing is that it achieves the goals of our customers. The solution may be a brand video, but it may also be a recruiting video, a content marketing video series or a livestream with the latest product presentations. Not only do we keep our clients’ goals and budget in mind, but we also pay attention which channels of distribution make sense.

In the first stage, we analyze the status quo in order to select the right options from the wide range of possibilities. Based on this, we develop an individual concept and set the necessary parameters: from the type of video, the choice of technology, to the set design – in order to meet the specific needs and to attract the relevant target group.

At our video agency, we don’t just stop at creating brand videos and commercials. We’re a one-stop-shop for all your video needs. From live streaming to animation and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. We take the time to understand the unique challenges and goals of our clients, to bring their vision to life.

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Video Solutions for Every Need

From Branding to Live Streaming


This corporate video conveys the core of every brand

In general, a brand video can be widely used and creates an image that stands out from the competition. A brand video can convey much more than just factual information – through its style and tone it shows how a company is like: innovative, provocative, reputable or easy going? A good brand video evokes emotions and helps to be remembered.


A commercial creates attention

A commercial or advertising video works in a fundamentally different way to a brand video. While the brand video introduces the client and has an image-shaping effect, the commercial is used to create attention and is positioned further up the customer journey. Put simply, the commercial brings potential customers to the website, where they are then convinced by the brand video or product video. A prerequisite for advertising that works is usually a media budget to be able to run the commercial and a media plan that takes into account placement times and target groups.


Information and entertainment meet in a livestream

Whether it’s a hybrid event or a pure online event, livestreaming has become an established event format. It is ideal, for example, when several new products or services are to be announced at the same time. Of course, a livestream also offers the possibility of directly involving the audience, for example via a chat or Q&A. However, it is important to conceptualize a livestream differently than a face-to-face event. Simply transferring the same old company trade fair with the same speeches and content to digital won’t work and viewers will soon switch off bored. No one can follow hours of presentations with full attention on the screen – a successful livestream is always also multifaceted infotainment: entertaining, engaging and full of variety.


A recruiting video is the specialist for finding the right staff

The shortage of skilled employees will certainly continue to increase, and a good recruiting video helps to attract the right talents. The recruiting video is tailored more specifically to the target group of potential employees than, for example, the brand video, which is also intended to inspire customers. New personnel are interested in other aspects of a company than, for example, a customer is: benefits, a living corporate culture or employee cohesion are topics that a recruiting video can contain. A fitting creative style is crucial in order to appeal to the best minds with the right attitude.


Bringing your employer brand to life

The boundaries between recruiting videos and employer branding videos are fluid. While the recruiting video has the main task of inspiring potential new employees and persuading them to apply, the employer branding video also aims inward and strengthens the “we” feeling among existing employees. The employer branding video is therefore somewhat broader in scope than a recruiting video, which can also be shot on a job-specific basis: Other things are important to an experienced IT manager than to an apprentice who is just starting his career.


Often seen – rarely put to good use

The word explainer is actually self-explanatory – one would think. Unfortunately, you see more and more explainers that are misused as brand videos, and that’s exactly what an explanatory video is not. Of course, both videos provide information, but the focus is completely different. While an brand video strengthens the brand and focuses on emotions, an explainer video does the exact opposite: it explains factual information and complex issues in such a way that the target group understands a product or technology. Explainer videos are often not suitable as advertising media, because what is explained is rarely so unique that the competitor’s product is not explained at the same time. So if you want to find employees or sell products, recruiting videos or product videos are often better suited.


Showcasing features and benefits with product videos

Product videos are usually used on dedicated landing pages or at trade fairs to briefly convince potential customers of one’s own product. The product video is more pointedly tailored to a smaller target group than the brand video, which could also be aimed at job applicants, for example. In contrast to the commercial, the product video contains much more comprehensive information and aims not only to arouse curiosity, but above all to convince the customer.


Convince through high credibility with testimonial videos

In a testimonial video, satisfied customers tell their story about a product or service and share their positive experiences. The great strength of these videos is the high credibility of the messages, since they are not told by the company itself, but by third parties. Testimonial videos are also referred to as customer success stories or case studies, especially when it comes to solutions that the company and their customers have created together. These videos serve as inspiration for other potential customers facing similar challenges.

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Videos that fit your needs

How does your video reach its target audience and what do you need to consider? What types of video do exist and which are best for you?


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