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Presenting the award winner and her research

Questions that arise

How do you best summarise complex scientific connections? How do you present the person behind science in a likeable and authentic way? How do you make the invisible visible?


We already have considerable experience in award-winner videos, but we always find it particularly exciting and challenging to familiarise ourselves with different scientific fields. We always have to find a new and fresh approach. In some cases, this involves micro cracks invisible to the human eye; in other cases complex structures which need to be explained to the viewer. However, it is not only the research that has to be portrayed correctly – also the integration into a social context and the question of relevance need to be answered.


Focussing on the essentials and authentically showing the joy of science.

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Science and Educational Videos

How do you get to the heart of complex scientific issues? How do you present the people behind science in a sympathetic and authentic way?


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