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Finding new employees for Tradebyte who also fit the corporate culture

Questions that arise

What makes Tradebyte special? Why should I start working here? Who fits the profile of this fast-growing company with start-up roots?


Tradebyte is looking for employees who bring their own personality into the team. This is why we introduce employees with their hobbies and move them directly into the office of the IT company. Tradebyte is different from other companies – it is faster, more dynamic but also more personal. A tedious, long-winded video was out of the question here.


We don’t just cut from one scene to the next. Every cut is motivated by the plot; the scenes are slowed down during the statements. The video is different – just like the company that uses it.

If you want to stand out from the masses, you have to be bolder than others.
Do things differently.
Like the recruiting video for Tradebyte.

Tradebyte Recruting Film - Chef decorates soup
Tradebyte Recruting Film - Employee plays guitar
Tradebyte Recruting Film - Employee on the phone

Digital Fashion Week

Advertising video
Entertaining and to the point

A video for the commercial break

The commercial was made especially for the breaks in the Digital Fashion Week livestream. In order to realize the video as budget-efficiently as possible, we decided to go without a real life video shooting – instead, we chose animated graphics, fast movements and energetic music.


Networking, keynotes, party. The ECD is more than just an e-commerce conference. To showcase the ECD in the right light, we design numerous videos for the event.

Before, during and after

The days when a conference consisted only of stiff PowerPoint presentations are long gone. We help Tradebyte by producing videos in advance that liven up the events on and next to the stage. The range covers anything from the intro video, which gets the viewers in the right mood in the morning, to the presentation videos introducing new sessions in different ways, and surprising interviews which are recorded during the event and are played at the ECD the very same evening.


ECD ’20 – Intro animation

Event packaging reimagined

ECD ’19 – Action Cam

Double Birthday! Five years ECD and ten years Tradebyte

ECD ’18 – Action Cam

Why are you here?

ECD ’17 – Action Cam

Lego (not so) serious play

ECD ’16 – Action Cam

Amazon sometimes orders from Zalando


The journey of the shoe: from Outfitter via SportScheck to the athlete


Multi channel for multiple consumers

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