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First goal: Ensure attention

At the end of a twelve-hour conference, our spot and our message must still be in your mind. It’s the same on the Internet when we fight for attention with our homepage against 15 other open pages.

Second goal: Explain the business model

Not every detail needs to be explained, but after watching the video it must be clear what Axiom stands for and what services they offer.

Third goal: Create clear differentiation

Whether for the customer or the applicant: The spot must clearly show what makes Axiom special and unique, particularly in its differentiation from traditional law firms.

Solution: Provoke on purpose

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to leave the trampled paths. Of course we could have done interviews and hovered with a drone over the impressive Axiom office in Frankfurt – but would we have achieved a real impact? Probably not.
With a mixture of self-irony and sharp criticism we make ourselves heard – well aware that not everyone will be happy with this spot. But in the end what counts is whether we stay in the minds of our target group and whether we make it possible for Axiom to get into conversation.

Brand video for legal services and law firms

Do you want to draw attention to your law firm or legal service and stand out from the crowd of vendors?


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