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Introducing new target groups to high-quality wines

Questions that arise

What level of knowledge is the viewer likely to have? How do we highlight the benefits of the specialist wine retailer compared to the wine shelf at the supermarket? What are tannins and what is the difference between a rosé and a Rotling?


In cooperation with the PR agency Factum, we have implemented a series of content marketing videos. The target group are “inexperienced” wine drinkers who are looking to expand their ‘wine’ horizons. We draw them in by answering their questions in short and entertaining clips. In addition, they get to know the managing director of K&U – who not only runs the stationary retail but also an online shop. Maybe it would be interesting to have a look at his wine selection?


Casual, relaxed, cheeky. The subject of wine, can, should and has to be fun.

Of course, there is a lot of heavy literature about wine. Highbrow, never-ending discussions about the sense and nonsense of Parker points and the right ageing of wine. We save our target group from that and slow down Martin Kössler when it becomes a bit much for wine novices.


The ideal glass

Kössler Concrete

What does the colour of a wine tell you?

Kössler Concrete

Red wine

Kössler Concrete

White wine

Kössler Concrete


Now he can actually let loose: you get the full dose of wine knowledge in Kössler’s straight talk. Different target group – different level.

Clear position and no nonsense

We already explained above how we rouse the interest of novice wine drinkers for K&U and its managing director Martin Kössler. However, he can do far more than just putting the salient wine characteristics in a nutshell, which he demonstrates in the straight talk series for advanced wine connoisseurs. The objective is to give his wine business a clear profile. When you buy at K&U, you know what you are getting.

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Content marketing video series

Content marketing videos are the perfect Trojan horse for your marketing. Attract leads who are interested in your exact topic.


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