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Brand video for the St. Hedwig Clinic for Children

Questions that arise

How can we help children lose their fear of hospitals? How can we convince the parents that their children are in good hands? How can we convey the hospital’s USPs in a short amount of time without leaving out information?


A sick child is always a highly emotional matter. Therefore we also rely on emotions for the brand video and recount a positive story about friendship and the love of parents for their child. A story about recovery – emotions rather than platitudes. The strength of the medium of video is used to its full advantage: show, don’t tell.


By focussing on the people to whom this video is supposed to appeal. And by asking questions where the answers become the common denominator: What makes YOU healthy?

Our brand video shows the heroic journey of two children through the hospital. Rather than showcasing the USPs of the children’s hospital in an interview, we turn the clinic’s values and abilities into a story: a heartfelt story about friendship which speaks to both parents and children.

Cameraman Arri Alexa behind the scenes
Protagonist and director in scrubs image film St. Hedwig
Film set illuminated with Arri Alexa on Dolly
Professional sound studio recording Image film
Voice-over artist during the dubbing of the Image film

We would like to thank Dr. Jörg Kunz kindly for all the wonderful making-of photos.

Brand Video for your Hospital

What defines a successful brand video for your clinic? How do you convince patients to choose your hospital?


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Brand Video KUNO-Bauchzentrum
(KUNO Abdominal Centre)

What is the KUNO-Bauchzentrum? What makes this centre special and why should I go there with my child? Many questions which are answered in an emotional and comprehensible way.

The explainer video without Tom

“This is Tom, Tom has stomach ache…” A hand moves Tom slightly to the side and a second hand slides a painted picture of the hospital into view. Enough of that! – Even though the classic sliding trick of an explanatory video is still fashionable, we did not want to explain the KUNO Bauchzentrum that way. Even with topics that require a lot of explanation, the effect of real people and emotions should not be underestimated. Therefore we do not only give a voice to the people personally affected but also let the images speak for themselves. True to the motto: be authentic!

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