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We are the hochschule München



Brand video for the University of Applied Sciences Munich.

Questions that arise

How do you adequately present a university with 85 degree programs, several locations, hundreds of interest groups and more than 18,000 students? What is interesting for future students, employees and professors? What distinguishes the university from others?


There are countless opportunities to be explored at the Hochschule München, and the video must reflect this. It is precisely this variety and diversity of the university that we focus on. Showing drive, charm and variety. The task of the video is not to explain everything, but rather to create a desire for more.


Lots of energy and good vibes.

Promotional videos FOR STUDY PROGRAMS

Every study program is different.
We address the target groups precisely.

Smiling faces – casual interviews.

Above all, we let the students express themselves. Student life at the university is what complements our approach. Our partners in university communications know what new students are looking for. So the future and career opportunities must not be missing, which is why not only a graduate with his own startup appears in the video, but we also learn what industry partners appreciate so much about the graduates of the Hochschule München.

Brand video for college & university

What characterizes a good brand video for a university? How can you precisely address the target groups or attract lecturers?


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