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Concentrated knowledge in 90 seconds – Who? What? How? Why?

Questions that arise

How can you explain complex interconnections in 90 seconds? How do you showcase the industry, science and the people behind the scenes? How do you deal with interview partners who have never been in front of a camera?


We take time for our protagonists. The interviews often take much longer than the 90 seconds would lead you to believe. If you just let them, people have a lot to say in front of the camera. And it is exactly these authentic statements that we want to capture. Good preparation in advance and thought-out editing create the right structure for the film in the end.


We start with the proverbial elevator pitch: getting off the elevator, a single sentence summarises how much the award-winner deserves the award. Despite their short length, award-winner films are not commercials – the ideas and their particularities are clearly portrayed.

Every two years, in cooperation with the Federation of German Industries, the German Ministry of the Environment presents awards to important ideas which are revolutionary in climate and environmental protection. Our films show why the award-winners have really deserved their award.

More IKU Videos 

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Winner 2017 – Swarm electrification in Bangladesh

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Winner 2017 – Grass: a climate-friendly raw material for paper manufacturing industries

Lanxess AG

Winner 2017 – Recycling: How leather remnants become new tanning agents

Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH

Winner 2017 – Cooling and heating without greenhouse emissions

Renewables Academy AG

Winner 2017 – Green Banking in South East Asia

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Winner 2015 – 1kg mycorrhiza can replace 500kg of fertilizer

Clariant Produkte GmbH

Winner 2015 – Biofuel without competition to food production

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Winner 2015 – Making geothermal energy usable everywhere

Industrial Solar GmbH

Winner 2015 – Energy generated from sun instead of oil

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Winner 2015 – Transport energy without loss



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